Hey everyone I am currently working on a new halo reach map called synergy. The map is fully built well it's 25% complete. It's buildings and bases are completely done but the gametypes need work and some map mods may need to be done for certain game types. But here's a small list of compatible gametypes

Gametypes supported
Capture the flag- nuetral flag, one flag, multiflag, ctf
Assault - all standard assault gametypes (no grifball)
Slayer- all slayer modes teams and FFA

Map features
Symmetrical layout
Red base 4 levels
Blue base 4 levels
Large middle spire spanning from the cieling to the roof
Hidden weapons
Gravity lifts, man cannons, teleporters
Warthogs (slayer only)

List of weapons
Assault rifles
Granade launchers
1 sniper rifle
1 rocket launcher
Pics to come soon

A select group of people will recieve a pm asking to be a beta tester by playing the map with there friends and giving honest feedback