Have you ever seen an action movie, then gone (or drove) h9ome and thought you could do that same shit? Well... I just about realized the hard way that the driving from Fast Five TOTALLY doesn't work on my Mustang. Here's why.

I was driving out of the parking lot like normal, then decided to goose the gas a bit, just for a bit of "SCREEE-EEE-EECH" and then a cop SAW me do it. I politely told the officer that I just got out of the movie and just tapped the gas a bit hard (I didn't tell him it was this particular movie), so he let me go with a warning, simple enough.

The bad part was when I seriously tried drifting around a vacant corner. Not so easy as the movie made it seem. With the 427 under the hood, I nearly wrecked the bitch, too much power for me to try and lay into, even around a corner that didn't have a single car or animal (cat, dog, stray raccoon) on it. Fuck man, nearly gave myself a heart attack.

I immediately pulled off to the side and ran my hands up and down the dash, and promised myself I would never do that again.

I did it gain THE VERY NEXT CORNER because I got cocky.

Luckily for me, someone is looking down upon me.

I drifted with the back end fishtailing beyond my control and saved it. When I got to my house (which is about a 1/4 mile from the drift turn) I found a PERFECT set of skid marks, fully black against the blacktop, two perfect arcs careening down two lanes. I can't wait to see it tomorrow! I almost fee like signing it, just to say "Andrew 4/29"

Anyways, Fast Five, good movie, predictable, good plot twist, good bit after the credits, knowing Letty's not dead, and there's going to be a SIXTH installment is a good little bit.

6 months into my relationship, never been happier

Love y'all

-Andrew (The Challenger [SRT8]) Garrett