4 years ago

So today, for the first time ever, I shot a shotgun. Clay pidgeons out at a guy from my church's acreage. It was one of the funnest things that I've ever done.
I've decided that this summer I'm gonna get my FAC and then buy a shotgun when I turn 18.

From now on when people ask me what I'm doing when I turn 18, instead of saying that I'm going to get super wasted, like most of the people I know, I'm gonna buy a shotgun.

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  • LumpyFat


    4 years ago

    Thats cool, it'd be super badass.
    I'm in Canada, so we're pretty restricted on what we can have. Pretty much just long guns that aren't fully automatic, which is fine with me. I'm thinking of a Remington pump action 12 gauge or something like that.
    To be able to have fully auto guns and handguns, you have to have a restricted firearms license or something, which is really hard to come by.
    If you're in the Canadian forces though, you have access to pretty much anything. I've got a friend in the local reserves, and he gets to shoot lots of stuff.

  • KevlarFox


    4 years ago

    Anything by Heckler and Koch for me. Something for private use and going to see about getting hold of a MP7 in the Air Force.