I woke up this morning disoriented and groggy to an incredibly bright light that had me wincing in pain as the post party headache began. I blinked a few times and my vision cleared just in time to see hungover Gary Busey...or was it Nick Nolte... shuffle out the door. I looked around and saw Luke McKay passed out on his giant bean bag. Then it all came rushing back to me, the many new faces, friends and good times... Luke's car bombs and Kathleen's tequila shots.
CanWest was once again an amazing time and will go down in history for a few reasons, least of which is the fact that Osama Bin Laden was killed on the final night of the event. For me however the most memorable part will be the good times I had with friends and people who in true Rooster Teeth community fashion were so warm and welcoming. I will especially remember getting to meet Kathleen who is one of most thoughtful, kind and community oriented people I've met. She truly has a beautiful personality and I can't wait to see her again.
An event like this couldn't have happened with out all the work of the wonderful volunteers and I really have to thank them for all the amazing work they did to make this a really great event.
So now I begin to sift through all the video footage and sort through the hundreds of photos! I'll have a few clips for you soon but it will take a while to get it all edited so please be patient.

Thanks again RT Community I "less than three" you!