Hey whaddya know! Featured User!
A little about me? Why not

My name is Arvin, currently Australian, imported from the Philippines
I am currently studying at the University of Western Sydney (B Arts/B Marketing)
I am 19, pretty short (just under 160cm/5'2")
I have dabbled in alot of things, but cannot say I am truly good at anything. Quite sad I know, maybe its a thing with my attention spa--hey new video!
I feel like I don't contribute to the community at a notable extent, but if you try to follow my comments, you might find them mildly amusing. I have been called and regarded as a TeamSpeak Ninja, striking in opportune unexpecting moments with potent material.
Even though I said I don't contribute to the community, I have been throwing around ideas of doing small reviews for free iPhone games, or things happening in Sydney, or updates on Shay Maria and/or Misa Campo, or even linking interesting tech news from a couple of reputable sites. (No, not reddit. Get that from the Drunk Tank)
Speaking of the Drunk Tank! Drunk Tank is one of the best things to come out of the internet. Regular, dynamic, and all year long. I love the Drunk Tank!
Shameless Plug Time!
If you're Aussie and reading this, you better be coming to RTOZ Melbourne 2011. Organised by the very lovely coolcaiti, she has been working and fighting tooth and nail to make this happen, the least you can do is attend. Also guys called Burnie and Geoff might be coming? Anyone heard of these guys?
If you like the community, and consider yourself internet literate and polite (the last two being extremely important) get on RT Live TeamSpeak! There's always something interesting happening. [Warning: Attending TeamSpeak might cause hot flushes, sexual arousal, excessive laughter and tasteful nudity]
From the guys who brought you RT Live, they also have the Poplar Group, the Glowden Effect, Glowden's Storytime and the various fanclubs to coolcaiti and RandomRvBfan.
Comics from the Aussie RT community? we got that too! the 2300 made by Raddlez. With over 100 comics and aliens and super-powers? What else do you want? Boobies? There's bound to be boobies there sooner or later if it hasn't happened already.
Last and certainly not least, similar to the Drunk Tank, MajScav3nger and Azz22a have started an all-Aussie gaming podcast called Screwed Gamers. Only starting out, a handful of Aussies are already excited about this new podcast.

Well, look whos the motherplugger now.

So with this information, and including 2 references to academic sources, answer the following question.
In Toy Story 3, what the fuck happened to Bo Peep?!

Cheers guys!