Happy Mothers day to All of you Wonderful Moms out there! I hope that this day & all year you have Love, peace, happiness & just enough wackyness to make life interesting! My children have totally made my day with just simple loving phone calls, BBQ at my Son's later today & a Beautiful Jopurnal entry, here on RT from my youngest, tears are still pooling in my eyes! I have been Blessed with the most Wonderful, talented, Loving, funny, Wacky kids on the planet...Wouldn't have missed this wild journey with them for the world! Thankyou Gussie, Jay & Marbiuel for making me a Mom & a very Proud one at that! Love You, you make my Heart Swell & Sing with Joy!


Just wanted to add that I've missed you Wonderful folks on RT! Sorry I've been off for so long, got wrapped up in life & all it's ups & downs, so it became easier to just hang out on another site I have to keep in touch with Family Relatives (that I haven't seen since I was a child, lol, & that was a long time ago), my kids, my step kids, in laws, friends, sisters & HS Friends! I'm going to try & get on more often, just to check & see how everyone is doing! You guys & gals are wonderful & I hope that you are all doing well & life is being good to you & when things get you down, you blow bubbles, giggle like a child, dance & find the joys in the little things that make us happy! Loves, Hugs & Bright Blessings to you All!!! <3 :D