From yesterday's journal, I may have mentioned that I have been planning on reviewing free iPhone games. I have decided to do so, as a weekly thing, starting tonight/tomorrow morning, depending where you are.
As a point of reference, I use the OpenFeint GameChannel to get my games from.

So let me, first of all, tell you a little thing called OpenFeint. OpenFeint, according to its website, is a social gaming network for both Android and iOS devices. It has an achievement system, a leaderboard system, and a friends list system that can be integrated from Facebook, Twitter and your address book.
Now OpenFeint also works on making certain games cheaper. They have successfully made multiple games drop in price through their Fire Sales by getting the community to vote and dropping the price down to a fraction of it to everyone. They also hold deals with developers in featuring their game as the Free Game of the Day.

Now you may ask, would I have to check the OpenFeint website everyday for the Free Game of the Day? Unfortunately you do, but there is this nifty little app that can help you with that. OpenFeint's Game Channel serves as a portal to which games are free at the moment, the Free Game of the Day, any news such as Fire Sales and an account management.
I believe the Free Game of the Day refreshes at 9pm Central, 12noon for AEST.

So from this information I would like to give myself a few hours with the game to be able to give it a fair review. I would be posting my review hopefully by 3am US/Central, 6pm AEST on Mondays.
You might say "6 hours isn't a few hours!" To which I retort "I have a university lecture." So be kind, be patient. If anyone would like to help, that would be wonderful, leave me a comment below or message me.