Ok first and certainly hoping not the last game review

Hey guys, today we will be looking at Ring Blade.
Ring Blade is a top-down shooter arcade that plays a lot like classic games such as Galaga and Ikaruga, bullet hell I think they're called It uses a "flick-fire" mechanic to shoot ring blades, something very intuitive and innovative for this kind of game. The ring blades also bounce off the walls, giving you a slight tactical edge in bouncing it off walls to hit multiple enemies. It also doesn't use the motion sensor, instead you use your finger to control the ship (?) from side to side. There are also power ups such as invincibility, powershots, and the Megabomb, clearing the screen of all enemies.

The great hook for me on this game is the visual aesthetic of it. Ring Blade uses a tribal tattoo style and works brilliantly through the levels I've played so far. Every level is a theme on the enemies, whether it'd be dragons, or bugs or skulls, the tribal style of it really ties it together. Every level also introduces a special enemy for that level that has a certain mechanic to it. For example in the bug level, there was a tough opponent that would hide and become translucent and show itself again, and you can only damage it when it wasn't hiding and was opaque. This itself makes me wanted to play a little more and delay the review a little more.

Ring Blade is a great shooter, unlike anything like it. The execution of the bullet hell concept, and the great flick-fire mechanism definitely stands out among its peers. The tribal graphics is very impressive and take it to a new place. With 30 levels, it'll surely be worth its worth with its normal price at US$0.99, Today's Free Game at OpenFeint.