Mondays will now be a journal about the free iOS game of the day. So I decided, let's keep a gaming thing going on and roll on to fan-art for Tuesday!

Unless you have been living under a rock or away from the internet for the past month, you have heard of the immensely popular puzzle game that is Portal 2. As with anything of this gravity, we get talented artists from all over the internet that create visual masterpieces, and this is where we view a small collection of them.

To start us off, Risachantag presents the Weighted Companion Cube's steampunk cousin, the Gentlemanly Escort Cube.
Risachantag keeps us going with this piece aptly called, Steampunk Portal

Bringing Chell to life we have a couple of action shots starting with eponagirl.
Here's TheMinttu's take on a tense Chell.
scriptKittie does this action shot 'For Science'!
ChemicalAlia gives us a confident Chell jumping through the floor.

Eldarianne gives us a little breathing space to take a break and relax
KEISUKEgumby with a robot, a cube and a cake!
Chell. Cube. Cake. Thanks McGibs!

For the extra artsy in the community, you might like this from megalaros
boo21190 presents a cover redesign

Now we come the inevitable end. Before we go two more images. An action shot from doubleleaf, keeping it very neat and tidy. It almost reminds me of Mirror's Edge
I feel like we've been avoiding the elephant in the room. But here it is! Tristan Reidford's Portal 2 70's style Movie Poster

That's it for this week. Keep tuned on Tuesdays for more Fan-Made art. If anyone have suggestions on another game to feature, please let me know with a comment or a message.
Also, keep checking this week for more upcoming content. Yesterday's iOS Game Review