Morning! Well, it's a misty, grey, chilly morning out here on Cali's West Coast...mother Natures creatures are putting on a Melodic Symphony & the Roosters, all down the road, are having a contest to see who can crow the loudest & longest! Sure Hope it burns off & we get some heat, Hubby has been trying to seal the deck he built, but not having any luck when, the wood isn't dry enough to finish, plus he wants to get a patio laid, can't do that till we get the deck finished! Oh well, such is life, just a small set back! We moved in January from a Mobile home park to a 2 1/2 acre rental, Peaceful out here & I love it, just have a lot of landscaping & loads of unpacking still left to my back & legs would cooperate, I would've been done by now, but everyone works or has school, so it's slow going! My Cairn (Mattie) has stopped sneaking realized there were a bunch of things to hunt here & has caught almost 10 gophers & promptly dropped them at our feet (& NO she is not kissing me with that mouth) LOL! I just have to learn to be more patient, Everything will come together, eventually! "D
Hope everyone has a wonderful day, that the storms subside, the floods dry up, rebuilding can start for all places affected by natural disasters & folks can learn to get along, so the fighting can cease & Peace is born!!! Love, Light & bright Blessings!!! <3 :D