Here we are at Thursday! Today, we'll do a LinkBucket!

Lets start by defining the right way to serve vodka
We'll keep it going with some IKEA manuals that you won't see in your normal IKEA
IKEA Manuals
It's cool! It's just a panda!
Hey Panda, what about a bikini flash mob?
Bikini Flash Mob
Let's throw in some funny gifs!
And some motivational posters?
Motivational Posters?
How about some relationship advice from Cosmo? Maybe.
Cosmo's Relationship Advice
Let's drop some knowledge with a bit about Obama's entourage.
Obama's Entourage
One of the best videos out, considering how this site loves ponies.
Trot Fuzz
This kinda serves like a PSA for May. This should be on everywhere.
Zombie Awareness Month

That's it for today, keep checking this week for more upcoming content.
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