It's Monday, and OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day is Ancient Frog!

Ancient Frog is a simple puzzle game in its concept. You have a frog, there's a fly. Help the frog eat the fly. You help the frog by controlling his limbs to reach certain points on the leaf that it can cling to, using a drag and drop system. Each limb can only reach so far, and the game is kind enough to highlight where you can reach, and a glowing star trail on where the foot needs to go. It's a simple concept that's easy to learn.


The visuals look clean and well done, and the sounds definitely take you to a rainforest. The game uses the sounds of the forest to relax you from the game's hidden frustration, the par system. The par system pretty much dictates that each puzzle has a certain way to do it in the most efficient way with minimal moves. This seems to be the challenge in itself. But there is no time limit, so there's no rush.

With over a hundred levels and several species of frogs, the game takes a simple concept and delivers an interesting and unusual puzzle game, unlike most on what's on the market now. Currently free for today from OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day at the App Store.

That's it for this week's game review, check back tomorrow for exceptional fan art for Team Fortress 2!
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