Well, first off, I should probably mention that I am now officially on Summer vacation.

BAHAHA, now I finally have time to crash the stock market and infiltrate the global mass media in order to spread mass chaos and-
Er, I mean, drawing pretty, pretty pictures. Yeah, that.

Second: today I played Infection on Halo: Reach for the first time.

Awesome Points: Manning the door during my first round and killing two zombies from the the get-go, and also getting a First Kill during the third round.

Not-So-Awesome Points: Finding out that my roomate's boyfriend playing across the room from me is the one I did a First Kill on, and having him promptly tell me that "I will come over there, stab you, and hump your corpse!" (he doesn't take defeat very well). Also having to play on a guest account during this. DAMN YOU SILVER!