We are back on Tuesdays for Fan-Made! And today we will be looking at some Team Fortress 2 fan-art. So, let's get started!

First off we have 4 of Lintufriikki's creations, starting with a Heavy with a very concerned Tiny Doktor.
Next is the Soldier and Heavy enjoying the snow with Winter Birds.
The comraderie of the team! Brothers for life.
Oh... the unsettled tenstion. Awkward...

Next we have 2Dark's Engie and Teddy. Just awww...
And 2Dark's Medic being very Bond and classy.

agentscarlet gives us a million dollar movie idea from a poster! Blue Spy Must Die.

vilssonify takes Sniper Back in the Outback.

Sniper getting back to his Aussie roots, FreckledBasilisk gives him a suit and a koala. How do I look?

And finally we have Kakashi-kun presenting us with a Distressed Pyro. *Pyro facepalm*

Being so close to NSFWednesday, I feel like I should give these pieces a notable mention, from agentscarlet
Miss Soldier
Miss Soldier 2
Miss Spy
Miss Scout
Miss Heavy
Miss Pyro
Miss Medic
Miss Engineer

That's it for this week's fan art, check back tomorrow for Gentlemen's NSFWednesday!
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