This weather sucks...the only creatures that are enjoying this mess are Mother Natures Creatures & my goofy dog, she wants to run around in the muck & dig up gophers! Just like when you wash your car, it rains...same thing applies to washing your floors...muddy paw prints & shoe prints, yuck! I know that the weather on the East Coast & Mid West is worse than what we're getting, but I was just getting used to the heat & the body was starting to ease I'm stiff & sore again...ugh! :( I know we need the rain at times, but good grief, enough is enough! I sure hope some nice warm, Dry days soon, we could all use some carefree bright sunny days! BBQ weather!

Hope Everyone has the best day you can & Mother Nature eases up a bit! Love & Bright Blessings!!! :D