I don't know if any of you have heard about this "Rapture" prediction? I just recently heard about this myself...it has me somewhat perplexed! Who the hell is this Harold Camping? Who or What made him the authority on the end of days? Who is he to decide who goes & who stays? I really don't believe ther will be nothing after Saturday, I can't...but it still feels a bit creepy that some idiot is trying to scare the shit out of the populas with his rantings! Don't we have enough horror on this planet...war, terrorist bombings, murder, rape, cancer, poverty, Mother Nature wreaking havoc all around the world? I would rather have all of that than to think there would be No tomorrow, that my children & thier children will never realize thier dreams, bring thier talents to frutation! I understand about free speach, but we have to draw the line somewhere...who in thier right mind would give this nut Air Time? What if you don't believe in christian concepts? The other issue for me was there was no mention of our furry family members or any of Mother's Earth's 4 legged, winged or under water Creatures either! I Love my lil terrier, all creatures, are we just going to disappear & leave them to fend for themselves? So if this is the end I'll take my chances with the Creatures & the Earth, let the nuts have thier rapture!

Sorry just ranting...stuff like this guy is spewing, set my teeth on edge...I hope you All have a Wicked fun weekend & make it to work Monday alive, well & No hangovers! Love & Bright Blessings! ^_^