Where the hell to start! I wish I took more pictures firstly. I wish I had had more time to talk to people too. I was so wiped out last night I put myself to bed way before anyone else and missed out on a bit of the partying. Hell, when I got up at 4:30am to catch my shuttle to the airport there were a couple RTXers still up. A Brit and someone else. Didn't catch names... they were a little drunk yet.

So much to ramble about. Looks like Crimson Alliance looks like it might be a good dungeon crawler. I realized I really don't know Panic! At The Disco's "Five in the Afternoon" beyond the chorus but I can kick ass attempting to keep up with Beastie Boys (which I saw not a single guy do). Frank's hot dogs are awesome. The one I had would have been better with Guinness but I wanted to try out the Cherry Rhubarb Margarita... which tasted like salt. The tour was great. Got a couple pictures from that at angles that I'm pretty happy with, though I should have brought a real camera.

Sidequest bar hopping. I'm so happy I joined up with that. I can't wait to see some of the pictures from it. After the second bar I made the decision for the group that we would cheer our name every time we left a bar from that point forward into the night. What group you ask? ....FREELANCERS!! Found out a double of Sailor Jerry and coke costs $10.50 but was too awesome for me to care beyond the initial pout. Had a couple local drinks. I suggest a Mason Jar to any with a definite thirst and a Blue Wave to anyone who needs to cool off. We may not have won but we out drank all the others.

The shoot was utterly awesome. I think just the fact that the RT crew was just so pleased with how everything looked and to be a part of the hundreds of living-challenged that was just stellar. One of the best parts was standing around waiting between takes. And moaning out peoples names as they passed us. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

I met more than a couple awesome people but aeon1 and Optimizer come to mind immediately. My hotel roomie and airport pickup friend respectively. Two great people and I'm happy to have run across a such truly great people and hang out with them all weekend. Just so many memories and I wish I was more rested to enjoy every aspect of it more.

Now I'm home. I admit, I went to the fridge tonight and saw the beer that was in it and wished there was some Lonestar. Can next year come now?