The town of West, Texas is creepy. You'll come for the Czech sausage rolls, you'll stay for the axe murders.

Chantal has an uncanny ability to get bruised, but a greater yet ability to bitch about it endlessly.

People throw the term soulmate around a lot, but I know that Matt is mine.

It was great to see Nico and I hope he takes my advice.

Seeing the episode on the big screen at Alamo was fucking sweet. Champagne at 10:00 am doesn't suck either. Thank you RT and Monty for the I am the Best video! Can't wait to show Lamar.

Monty is an intense creative force and I am one lucky motherfucker to be able to write music to his artistry.

Love Nathan!! Sweet guy!!

Martha let me touch a boob.

June 6th is the Marine guy's birthday. I forgot your name, but I was glad to hang with you and we are very proud to be part of your life and help you do the job you do.

Everyone at RT is insanely nice, talented and funny. And their crib is badass.

If Texas was Alaska I'd move there in a second.

I enjoyed showing off some music tricks and discussing dog sex on Saturday.

Most zombies are far more pleasant than you'd expect. Also, stickier.

Thank you to everyone who had kind words about the music. There's a lot more to come. Remember-cruise control is your friend.

So glad to meet Erin and hang out together.

The whole event was filled with so much positive energy.....great people great times.