I feel like I'm in an episode of 24 right now. It's counting down to the first episode of Red vs. Blue season 9, and I swear it seems like something dramatic is happening every hour. I just got home from work at 3 and the sandwich I had in the fridge is gone...

My first thought was Burnie, but he lives in Texas so that can't be possible...or can it?

So I was on the hunt to find out who ate my sandwich. I started questioning my nephews because they seemed like the most likely culprits. I found them outside in the front yard throwing rocks at each other. This is bad. I managed to stop the rock war but I got hit a few times in the process.

Neither of them ate it, but they said to ask my niece. Kids always point the finger. *sigh* so I go inside to find Lucy, and she's trying to light the stove! WTF!? thankfully I stopped her from killing all of us. who is watching them?!

Well i asked her and she said it was the dog. So i tracked him down in the basement and an epic chase ensued. He escaped to eat a sandwich another day, but I'll get him eventually. He's a slippery bastard. This all happened within 2 hours. I'm hoping the next 19 go fairly quiet. I'd like to live to see season 9 please.