Birth of a Legend

4 years ago

Many years ago, a woman gave birth to a young child. Over the years, that child grew stronger and faster, honing its skills and abilities as none before it. One day, the child grew into a man powerful enough to punch the entire internet in the face at one time. And his might was so great that the internet thanked him for the pleasure.

Happy birthday, Monty.

Comments (164)

  • JakeHCoker

    JakeHCoker XA Guardian II

    6 months ago

    Thanks for that punch Monty. We love and miss you!

  • senseiseth

    senseiseth El Conquistador

    4 years ago

    happy birthday, and epic move on punching the internet.

  • GreenFloyd12


    4 years ago

    Monty is a master of Pleasuring the Internet.
    Cheers, Monty. Happy Birthday.

  • Bravo0777


    4 years ago

    Happy Birthday Monty!

  • wingedshade


    4 years ago

    I'm late on this but, Happy B-day! ^_^

  • jackell18


    4 years ago

    Happy Birthday

  • Stultus


    4 years ago

    There would be a serious lack of kick-ass in the world today without Monty.

  • Zingy96


    4 years ago

    Completely agree with Burnie, Monty has punched the internet in the face, and I know it's late but hope you had a happy birthday. I know you will continue to punch the internet in the face a lot more in the future. Keep it up monty you're awesome!!!

  • Ilive2Rock


    4 years ago

    I'm coming to this party late, but happy birthday Monty. you kick serious ass!! and nicely, nicely said there mr. burns...

  • jakelattuga


    4 years ago

    happy birthday monty! thanks for bringing the awesome :)