So tonight was the first time I was tasked with staying late to work on a video all by myself. I was excited. My first big responsibility!

Then the sun went down and things got weird.

Around 10:30, Monty (the only other person in the office) walked out of the studio and began to rummage around in the closet downstairs. I asked him,

What are you looking for?
"A fly-swatter. There's a bug in the studio."
What? Like a cricket?

He emerged from the closet holding a garden rake.


Without another word, Monty calmly walked back into the studio.

For the next five minutes I listened to what could only be described as highway construction coming from the other room. Eventually there was silence. The studio doors opened and I heard Monty's footsteps trail into the kitchen, so I walked over to the stairs to see if he needed something. He appeared to have found what he was searching for.


Not a knife. Knives. Butcher knives. One in each hand.

As he slowly made his way back into the studio, we happened to catch each other's eye. He nodded his head. As the double doors began to close, Monty turned to me and said three words.

"...It got away."

In other news, Chris, Kerry, and Tyler left me with a friend to keep me company for the night.