Well I just woke up and watched 3 brand new spanking episodes of rvb. This is turning out to be a great Sunday! That'll change by 11am, when I am wanting to slit my wrists at work. Anyways, for all you who are still watching me, which is doubtful, I am back and I'm just gonna start from scratch.

Let me tell you of the ordeal I just went through to get back on here. I, on a random fling, decided to get on the ole rvb.com and watch the latest videos that, and I heard from a reliable source, were finally out. I tried to log in and wouldn't you believe it? I forgot my god damn username. Not the password though, don't think I could ever forget that, but I digress. Had to start a new profile search for my ass by using the handy: search for user by gamertag, which is totally sweet by the way, and finally got logged back on.

Here is to me, hopefully, not being absent for the next year or so. Now I'm going to bed I have to fucking work in the morning at that hell hole I call a job, later.