I honestly think it's the best movie of the franchise so far.

There are far better films, period. The script was very cheesy at points; Bay (and his screenwriter) aren't good at interweaving action and comedy; at times, the editing was nonsensical (even for an action film).

But I had FUN. I really did, from start to finish. Michael Bay is still the king of action films, and Dark of the Moon delivers dark, gritty, intense action. And since 70%+ of the film was shot as such in production, your money will not be wasted on a 3D showing. Star Trek fans should also keep their eyes out for at least two shout-outs.

So as astounding as it seems, I'm giving Transformers: Dark of the Moon smiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif / 5.

Autobots, roll out.