A word of advice to all out there... NEVER NEVER NEVER PUT AN EXCALIBER ARTILLERY SHELL INTO A REGULAR ARTILLERY TUBE THEY MAKE THE TUBE GO FUCKING BOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!... i found this out the hard way when one of the guys helping set up the show put them in the wrong tubes its been two hours and my ears are still ringing... on a side note if you ever get a sky dancer firework thingy majiger, i think it was, make sure to set it in a secure place or, speaking from experience, it will fall off the table and fire at you... thankfully no one got hurt... yeah idk this is a random journal, i think im still a little shell shocked from that thing going off in my face, so to all the amateur pirotechnicians out there, and by that i mean people whom when you walk into the firework stores out there the employees smile smiley0.gif be safe, have fun... and above all make sure u watch your NOOBS or u might just get the same surprise i got smiley11.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley4.gif