4 years ago

Alright, so Bungie Day is over. I didn't get to play against them at all. But hey, I had fun, and I ranked up so, I guess that's something. Now I'm just curious as to if 343 will have any type of Halo annual thing. I mean its Halo tradition right? I dunno, I just have to wait a year to find out.


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  • Darknight23


    4 years ago

    Alrighty, Yeah Bungie was online with like 18 groups of 4. All of them were named Porterhaus, Tenrloins, and 2 other meatlike names. But alas, no go with fighting for the steak...I also got the 30k and a few 7777. I also won the 30k the day before that, Im a Brigidier now

  • p3drit0


    4 years ago

    yea - i didn't see any of the staff online. though it's hard to tell now since lotsa people had blue flames and the bungie namecard.

    i leveled up, too. scored a 30,777 credit jackpot bonus!!! also a couple 7777's but mostly 777.

    ninnymuggins19 if you want to play together sometime

  • Leo


    4 years ago

    They better!!!