First.... I would like to preface by saying something that I think all of you may be either confused, or too embarrassed to talk to me about. Recently on Facebook I showed I was in an open relationship with MildGrooveOn and many photos have been tagged with me grabbing girls bottoms and boobies. I like boys. Yes. Jen is my Canadian wifey, but only in spirit. I like men. If you really know me, you'll know this to be true. Yes, I don't really date a lot or ever have a boyfriend. It's a mix of my overly high standards and loving the bachelorette lifestyle. Now that this is clear......


I flew out to KY so I could drive up with Spam. I FINALLY had White Castle while there.

We drove up. Got to finally meet whtsnk58 in person (one of my oldest friends on RvB).

It was amazing to see everyone again. Once weekend a year is not enough time to spend with everyone.

I made several of you watch this.....

When I got home... I found this
.... so phallic!

Honestly I don't know what to say. It was amazing to meet some new people and violate some old friends. It's an event I love going to.

Dude_stud got me poutine, which was awesome! (Mr. Tasty Fries is great!)

I wanted to put a thank you to tons of people here, but it was getting long. Just let me know I was so glad I got to see everyone again (even if I'm an annoying crazy drunk). I met so many people I forget who I friended and who I didn't, so send me a request!

Now excuse me, my mom is coming into town next week and I have too much beer in the fridge.... working on solving said problem.......