Oh, hey. Still kind of alive and feeling pretty great :)

I was not in a good place when I left the site before. Not happy; with myself, people, pretty much life in general.

But hey! Life changes and things have gone better. :) I now have my degree and a goal in mind, and the biggest news of all: I AM OUT OF TENNESSEE!!! :D Just moved to Burbank, California and I live pretty much downtown (Literally... the mall is a five minute walk away). I love it!

Looking for work- have an interview with Dreamworks coming up once I get everything settled. Wish me luck guys! I have a nice portfolio being compiled slowly with all of my new shit. Hoping to at least get my foot in the door by being an intern, and of course looking for another job in retail. 8'D yay for two jobsssssssss.

So here is a few things I have been working on in the downtime:


Oh... and I am disgustingly in love with all things Tron at the moment... CB

Some time before September I am going to be heading to to Fresno to visit my brother before he heads back to Ohio. Hoping to make a weekend trip to San Francisco during this little trip. Oh... and the weather is FREAKING AMAZING! No humidity, sunny, absolutely loving Burbank so far!

Peace out chilluns.