Alright... now that I have time on my hands... LOTS OF IT!, I figure I'll bring back the old business I started so long ago.

Achievement Hunter For Hire

You read right. You pay me, I increase your gamerscore and fetch those hard to tackle achievements..

For example...
You have DJ Hero 2, but can't beat Galvanize of Expert? Done
Call of Duty 4 and can't beat Veteran mode? Done
Just want an extra 1000 tacked in to your Gamerscore for flair? Done

I usually charge about 10 bucks per 1000 gamerscore, that's my average rate. Double that for 2000 GS. I also do specific Achievement Hunting for certain achievements Like Galvanize, for little favours and such, or you can go full boar, I let you decide.

Basically, works like this. You give me your profile, I give you my profile as collateral. All information is confidential and after the GS is added offline and reloaded to Xbox Live, the profile is deleted from my harddrive, then we swap back. Make sense?

If you're interested, shoot me a PM on here of any game(s) you would like, we'll trade info and go on from there.