I will say, the new site design is great for catching up an everyone's journals. I just go one by one right down the list. A new job is in the works, took the drug test for it on Friday, they said I could have started Monday, but some things fell through and now I'm just waiting on a start date. A couple other jobs I've applied for are better for me, but they won't come around till later. I know Katie always seems so down and depressed with her journal's and messages, but things go ok and you get to see a lot of the negativity. Go cheer her up and say nice things.

There has been a recent heat wave in Indy, so I haven't biked in a while. But I did do WiiFit in it's absence for 60 mins(on the WiiFit time scale so like an hour and a half) 3-4 times in the last 2 weeks. That's less than I really wanted to do, but I'll get back on track this week. I'm going to hit my bike today actually and try for a good 20 miles. I have lost 5-7 pounds in the last month as of WiiFit's tracking. Not exactly the pace I really want, despite what WiiFit says is a healthy pace. It's one of those reasons I've been thinking of P90x, but we'll see. Maybe I just need to up my Biking regiment, every time I go out it's been 10 miles so far, which really doesn't feel like much anymore. I know what the 20 Mile route is, but I just haven't biked it in months. Meh, I guess I'll try it today and see how it works.