Old Testament Movers! We're Abel to help!

Women logic o.O
7 Female Behaviours That Baffle Men

Gingerbread man and the fox? Try the turtle and the hippo!

Now try a zip tying a bear! Wait, it's made of zip ties?!
Lifesized Bear Made of 20,000 Zip Ties

Don't lie. You've always wanted an small anime person on your desk
Real Life Meets Anime

Scuba gear: +50 Underwater Breathing

Medal awarded: Death from the Grave
The 6 Greatest Things Accomplished by Dead Bodies

Second medal awarded: "Power of the Chronic!"
The 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High

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TueGIF: Troll 8-ball & Waldo's sister!
NSFWednesday: Katherine Heigl
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