Require -

More Chris
More Marshall
More guest appearances
More facial hair...dunno why, but crazy mo's and beards just make everything twice as funny

Those are my thoughts.

Also, I thought season 9 was a little slow to start off with story-wise (and boy have they put Monty to work this time around) but I'm really loving where it's going right now smiley0.gif can't wait for more!!!

Also also, I don't have time for the forums any more except for the occassional thread which takes my fancy, which is kinda sad smiley2.gif I'm gonna be all behind on all of the geek talk...but life is so damn busy right now. Currently saving up for a trip to New Zealand at the end of next year (on a single, low wage...gotta start saving early) as I wanna be at the Hobbit premiere (regardless of whether I have tickets or not) and give Peter Jackson a big, ol' cuddle!!! Also would like to climb some volcanoes and stuff, that will be cool too smiley1.gif 492 days to go!!!

Aaanywho, I'm now going to go crash into bed and probably fall asleep in the middle of watching Mythbusters...if I manage to stop laughing hysterically at Jamie's moustache long enough...