It begins in New Bark Town...

Apparently my elderly neighbour want me to do something. He's pretty cool I guess, but he knows this girl, Lyra. She's pretty hot. I don't exactly know how they know each other. Do I really want to know? Anyway, Old man Elm wants me to get something from one of his buddies. It's like a town and a half over, so to pay me, he gave me a Pokemon! I took a Totodile. Called him Toothless. Because it's ironic. See?

So I took the little blue rascal out for a walk. We saw a few birds on the way, Toothless took them down no problem! And we finally got to the old dude's place and he gave me a weird egg, and this other man gave me a Pokedex. That's cool too. Then Old man Elm called me to hurry back. I hightailed it back to New Bark Town, but on the way there a dude battled me! What a wimpy little Chikorita he had. I made sure to ask him if that Chikorita came in men's. I got back to Elm's and a cop said that the Chikorita I just beat was Elm's and was stolen. I told that cop the dude's name. I think it was Saun. Then Elm took the egg off me and told me to fill the Pokedex! Fill it with what? Porn? That's easy.

I made my way to Violet City. Met a few guys on the way that wanted to fight Toothless. We showed them they shouldn't have. I even tried to catch a Pidgey! No such luck though. I did however catch an Ekans outside Violet City. So we went sight-seeing and made our way up the Sprout Tower. I managed to catch a Rattatta! Then we fought a few monks with weeds and a few owls. No biggie. I'm pretty sure I saw Saun there again. Anyway, I fought the monk elder and he gave me a TM. Apparently it turns a Bellsprout into a flashlight. Who knew?

There was a gym in the city as well. Sure I'll go. My Pokemon and I can use the exercise. Work on our cardio and that. But no! These three guys wanted to fight us with their bird Pokemon! We just got through the first 2. Almost lost Rattatta too. We decided to go to a Pokemon Centre and heal up. Face them the last dude rested and ready to go.

Faulkner eh? Bring it!
You have a Pidgey? Rattatta's like "This is nothing. I got this." He showed that Pidgey who's boss!
Then he sent out a Pidgeotto. It's like a Pidgey, but bigger. And meaner.
He took down Rattatta, Ekans and Toothless.
Fucking Roost.

So now I find myself waiting for them at the Pokemon Centre. Nurse Joy said it'll be another hour. This time, I have a better strategy. Hopefully we win this time.