With the guys fresh from the Pokemon Centre, they were determined to take down Falkner this time!

Falkner sends out his Pidgey. Rattatta up front and Quick Attack!
Pidgey used Sand Attack. Rattatta misses with his second Quick Attack and connects with a third and final. But not before getting hit with Pidgey's Tackle. Pidgey faints.

Falkner sends out Pidgeotto. Here we go. Ekans! Go and use Poison Sting! Hit! Pidgeotto uses Gust. Ekans, Poison Sting again! Hah! Poisoned! Pidgeotto uses Tackle. Ekans won't stand another hit from this. Switch to Totodile. Totodile, Bite! Pidgeotto fliches and the poison keeps working. Another Bite. Tackle from Pidgeotto. Poison. One more Bite. Pidgeotto goes down.
The battle for the first badge has never been so intense.

Old man Elm calls as I step out of the Gym. He tells me that his assistant has something for me. I hope it's cake. My Pokemon need to celebrate. So I meet up with his assistant and he ends up giving me an egg! The same egg that I got for him. What do I do with it? I guess I can make omelettes...
No, Elm's assistant tells me that I have to take care of it. No omelettes for dinner guys, sorry.

Onward to Union Cave. Guess what I run into? Zubat. Fucking Zubat. Might as well get it out of the way now. Pokeball. Caught! Went on to fight a few Geodudes as well as some Hikers. No biggie. Toothless took care of that no problem.

I made my way to Azalea Town. There's a lot of people talking about this Kurt guy who makes custom Pokeballs, and the Slowpoke Well. I wonder if the two are connected, so I investigated. Well, I would have if there wasn't a Rocket on the way to the Slowpoke Well. Let's go to Kurt then!

Kurt was pretty pissed off when I saw him. He pretty much stormed out when I tried talking to him. How rude! I'll check out the Slowpoke Well one more time, see if anything's changed. The Rocket dude isn't there!

I went down the well and found Kurt there. He said he would fight Team Rocket, but he has a bad back. You gonna claim for compensation for weak ankles next? Alright hero, take it easy. I got this. Ekans and Rattatta took those goons no problems. Wrap here, Quick Attack there. And then there was one. He said his name was Proton, from Team Rocket. I sent Toothless out to deal with him. We had a close call with him. Almost took Toothless out. But the little rascal pulled through, biting and scratching his way through being poisoned. Tough little guy. After the commotion, Kurt told me he was feeling better and he thanked me for getting rid of Team Rocket. I can tell this won't be the last time I hear from those guys. They're like Herpes. He also took me back to his place and told me he'd make me custom Pokeballs from fruits I see on trees. Ok, crazy.

I headed straight for the Pokemon Centre to give the guys a rest and to get ready for tomorrow's training.