Gears Of War 3 has been confirmed to have gone gold but the bad thing is that Tai and Minh wont be in it so I think Tai was awesome because He sarificed his life to save Dizzy and that's why he is kick-ass.
Dom will be my new character that I will play as along with: Thrashball Cole and Baird plus Mataki ( the female version of Tai ) Because Bernie is an expert survivor and shooter and a religious Gear Soldier.
Thrashball Cole Is Because I like his Happiness in shitty situations.
Dom because he reminds me of my great losses.
I will be honored to play with you guys in horde and Team death match ONLY.
I also got a Mohawk in honor of my grandmother and my brother Logan.
Here's games I will play.

Cod: Zombies
Gears 2 and 3
Halo: Reach
I read Gears all the time until I buy the next book in the series.
So I am excited for Gears 3 as you call tell.
I also remember hearing that I will be getting to EXCLUSIVE characters for getting epic edition of Gears Of War: Commando Dom And Adam Fenix.
Another game I am pumped for is Batman And Bioshock along with Battifield 3 (5% really)
I will get my BFFUTDID carved into my Dog Tag when I get the chance.
I am scared about starting my 8th grade school year.
So I might buy some Gears Books to occupy myself.
It's weird now that I think about that my father was an outlaw and still is and my mom worked her ass off to win my custody so my grandma raised me in some of my youth years.
It gets weirder thinking about it.
I haven't bothered giving a second chance about seeing my third sibling. I still have a feeling it's B.S.
But I don't know for sure.