Gears is taking to long but it's worth the fucking wait considering the fact they don't have my favorite character isn't in it. I hope that my time, money and dedication to pre-ordering Gears Of War 3 Epic Edition will be worth it. I know that Multiplayer will be worth it but single-player seems good to perfect.
I am still thinking how can I BE RELATED to an outlaw?!?
But NO matter I will prove I can do something without fucking something else up.
I remember my Grandmother telling me my father was out of state I THINK working in the oil fields when I was born and came to see me.
Usually I when I was younger I was dumb enough to fall for "He seen me born shit."
He was NEVER my "father" because he abused me and stole cars to along with abandon me to go on vacation with his "wife."
But my aunt says, " Thinking About The Past Usually Corrupts The Future." (Tru Dat)
Manuel D. Montalvo III