Apparently my mom signed me up for a magnet school. So that means I am going to another school where the work and school subjects are A LOT harder and they tolerate no B.S. attitude from any student. Good... now I can work in peace... and I'm the Quiet, and I-Don't-Wanna-Know-You-People type of person. smiley3.gif I am NOT gonna miss anyone because I didn't really have a lot of friends..Probably like 3 to 7 friends. I am excited but worried that I might fail... I don't give a shit but try harder will make me excel in educational learning. I also MIGHT repeat MIGHT make my 300 comic remake of my 1998 series with Lexy_Ranger. I might or might not It's up to her. I was just told I have an appointment with the Person in charge of the school or whatever the fuck he/she is. So far I've been stalking the Gears Website and nothing new so far besides the detonation of the omen. So Yesterday my best friend: Camille Added me on face-book. AWESOME!!! smiley0.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif
I might ask her to hang out sometime...
It's also gonna be my birthday so.... might be celebrating in state or out or maybe out of town....
NOW that's my momma's call.
I hopefully may write my 1998 series hopefully.
Manuel D. Montalvo III