Well it's been 3 years since my last Journal Entry, despite logging into this site everyday to check my watch list and find out what new content has been released by the fantastic team at Roosterteeth.

So I guess an update is in order: I've been working at HHGregg, I've held three different positions with the company thus far (Home Theater Sales, Home Theater Installs, Appliance sales). Things are going well though, and all the experience will come in handy when I meet for a promotion later this fall.

I've also begun reading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. Great series so far, though the book I'm currently reading is dragging ass (The Pillars of Creation).

Also, I've begun to drift away from gaming. I don't want to call it "growing up" so much as it is that I've become bored with what has become mainstream gaming. Rarely these days can I find a game that meets or even surpasses my expectations long enough for me to really become interested.

I have watched the Doctor Who reboot that's been airing on BBC, and I must say that I'm really loving the series so far.

I'm facing that familiar Autumn sense of isolation that comes with everyone returning to their respective colleges and lives, and it makes me feel that it's finally time to move on from this town. Any suggestions as to where I should go?

Thanks for reading, if you have.