I had my interview and she said I could start A.S.A.P. Like I said I am a I-DON'T-WANNA-KNOW you person. So I won't be social. It turns out Lexy won't be doing the 1998 series. smiley2.gif Me Sad.... Anyways, I will work on it later....
The Gears Omen Detonation began and I missed it... Too bad the damn site won't load up. Fucking stupid shit....
But I still played Gears 2 as Baird. I also was GONNA buy the maps today but my momma said I had to pay her back for the damn earphones.
My birthday isn't gonna be with Lisa smiley2.gif Even worse.
I am gonna invite some of my friends.
See if they can come to my b-day.
I still prefer my favorite Gears over anyone else. See the : "Manuel The # 1 Gear-Head journal for more info.
Anyways, I might start my school on Monday. It depends... I will keep you guys updated.
Manuel III