Inspired by the 'Real Life Achievements' videos and the sheer brutal reality that life isn't like Scott Pilgrim, me and a few friends have decided to make a list of real life achievements too.

Here's our draft list..

50G - Master of self control - No sexual pleasure for a year.

10G - Bright Eyes - Walk into a lampost.

10G - 28 Beers Later - Throw up onto someone else.

20G - Setting an example - Get Hired and Fired from work in the same day.

10G - Congrats - Get mugged, then Mace yourself.

5G - Danger Danger! - Lick a Battery.

10G - Bollox - Get kicked in the nuts.

5G - Twat.- Tell Someone your PIN

5G - Splut - Drop a ice cream.

5G - Lowest of the low - Steal candy from a baby

10G - Foreign Correspondent - Talk to someone in there own language, by slowly speaking English and make erratic hand gestures.

5G - 8 Legged Freaks! - Run away from a spider, Screaming.

10G - Angelina who? - Find out your Ex is now dating a celebrity

10G - Just Sad - Cheat at poker, Then lose.

25G - It's simple! - Learn how to play 'Caravan'

5G - Get some pussy - Tread on your cat by mistake.

5G - Shattered - Walk into a glass pane/window

10G - Slut - Wear a skirt lower cut than a belt.

25g - Mrs Doubtfire - Wear women's clothing in public.

5G - FUCK - Run out of toilet paper in a public restroom.

30G - Congrats Bro - Sleep with a chick with a massive Adams Apple

10G - ABORT! - Get Caught watching Porn.

10G - Our Song - Sing a duet of 'Your Song' in front of others.

15G - One more block - Play videogames nonstop for 48 hours.

50G - Master of self control - No sexual pleasure for a year.

5G - I'm Auburn! - Die your hair ginger regardless of if it is already ginger.

10G - You play Minecraft! - Play Minecraft for 24 hours.

5G - Suit Up! - Pick a wingman

20G - On the beach - Get arrested for public indecency

10G - You shall not pass! - Block a doorway from a stranger

25G - Ignorance is bliss - Deliberately try and get dumped.

10G - Slow Motion - Drink 3 litres of Coffee in one Day

10G - I'm not as think as you drunk I am. - Throw up and carry on drinking.