This has been the longest trip home I've ever experianced... But, I'm finally in the states... Sadly, I'm in New Jersey... Hanging out, while the doctors decide when I'm clear to go home. Should be soon.

August was a crazy month... Had assholes try to blow me up... More assholes fired RPGs at me, I unloaded a M2 (.50 cal machine gun) on them... Tried to teach our replacements what we've learned, only to be treated like we didn't know what we were talking about... Finally made it to Kyzgykistan, only to be delayed even further... Bought an authentic USSR era Russian Army fuzzy hat. Finally made it to New Jersey, to feel the tremors of an earthquake in Virgina... And faced down Hurricane Irene... And now the Army has finally realized that 3 deployements into some of the hottest combat zones in the world, takes a toll on a persons mind... But, this is progress. Going home.