So if anyone out there still cares I exist I've been playing Warhammer 40k Space Marine, and its pretty damn good. Especially for a THQ game, that company, like Activision, sure knows how to fuck up a game. The visuals are great the gameplay isn't half bad, although to get health back you have to do executions. To do executions you have to stun enemies. Doing this in a fight with 30 orcs of varying types, meaning you are a: getting shot at, b: being pummeled to death with blunt objects, and my favorite, c: getting rockets shot at you from a concealed position. The game is really tactical, even on normal you cannot just run in and start mashing buttons you have to most often stand back and take out the annoying enemies, i.e. rockets/guys with guns, usually with a sniper rifle of some sort, then decide to movie in with melee or stay back a little bit more an mow down some guys with either the sniper rifle, grenade launcher or the bolter(assault rifle), then start hacking away with your melee weapon of choice. I've only gotten through I think half the game, chapter 10 I think, and its been pretty damn good but fast I got through ten chapter in a matter of 5 hours, and that was wislt doing laundry, so this game is gonna be real short I think. As for co-op I don't think there is any but I don't have any friends who have the game so I can check it out and I have yet to check the multiplayer, for fear of having to deal with assholes, by my self cause no friends have this game. Id give this game a good 8 on the Nacho Scale so my friends call it. Its good but it could be better, especially for such an esteemed title like Warhammer.

Other than that, all my stupid college loans are on collection right now so I'm all out of moneys for a while. Again I should have never, ever, ever, gone to college, it was a pipe dream and money pit that is never going to come to fruition and I still maintain that I should have joined the damn military I'd be far better off. Anyways good luck to all the homies out there in college, hopefully you are better at it than I.