I just realised why I haven't been able to go through the forums.

I'm mildly OCD (mostly just obsessions with the volume number in the car/on the TV...they have to be even numbers or in multiples of 5...like is 13 even a number? That's just stupid) so if I start reading ALL the new posts/threads etc on the forum...I won't be able to stop until I've seen ALL of them (or the world WILL explode) not to mention also reading all the journals and looking at all the pictures from all the people I follow...I'd be here on the computer forever, and I gotta work tomorrow!

I'm going to stop being a stupid crazy person and read all the journals, look at all the pics, get up to date on the news, and look through the forums to catch up on what I have missed...but I'm not going to do it now...because I've had a bad day and don't think I can fight the OCD, lol

I feel really, really sorry for people with severe OCD smiley4.gif even mild it's hard to cope with...mind you my boyfriend isn't at all helpful, he puts the volume number on an odd number or messes up the order of the groceries to go on the conveyor at the supermarket cos he thinks it's funny...which it kinda is, at least I'm not so crazy that I can't laugh at myself, but it still drives me nuts!

Just watched the latest RvB though, loooooving it!!! smiley12.gif all the while been catching up on the previous seasons during my morning workouts, so my life is very RvBlicious at the moment smiley0.gif never a bad thing!