In Dead Island you can enjoy all the comforts, and pains, of a zombie apocalypse with your fiends, if they decide it is a game worth spending money on. To help you decide if the damn game is worth 60 bucks let me tell you about a couple of nuances in the game of zombie horror survival. First off if you do not have any friends who eithr have or are getting this game, then forget about this game right here. Sure, the first area is managable by your lonesome but the next act is a whole different beast which requires at least two people, unless you enjoy constantly getting gang raped by zombies. Aside from that let me get to the most annoying part of the game, at least for me it is.

Survival horror is great, if you have the right tools. What tools you ask, firearms, and lots of them. In the beginning of the game all combat is hand to hand. First you have a stick, then you graduate to a knife, and that is about it. There is one pistol, but no ammo, but that doesn't matter anyways cause you only carry 50 rounds of pistol ammo. Let me put this in perspective, i have a very decent weapon now and It still takes about 3-5 rounds to kill a zombie. What, you say go for the head shot, that ain't gonna happen. Its not that head shots are hard it is just that they don't kill the god damn zombies. So I pretty much just hack and slash the zombies and save my precious ammo for head shots on normal people in the game, head shots actually work on them. So pretty much every time you run into a zombie its hand to hand, and if any of you have been paying attention to my old post you'd know I'm a devout advocate of the Zombie Survival Guide, which states, and I summarize, avoid fighting zombies hand to hand cause it is fucking stupid and the surest, quickest way to die. So now you can understand my annoyance, but I digress.

Now the equipment is pretty straight forward, there are bludgeons (paddles, sticks, baseball bats, etc) then there are blades (clevers, kitchen knives, machetes, and my favorite katanas) and of coarse firearms (pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns) but you might as well throw rocks that'll be more affective and you wont waist as much ammo. On top of that you can upgrade your weapons, for instance, I finally obtained a katana and decided to strap a battery and some electrical wire to it and presto chango, I have a katana that every time I hit a zombie not only cuts them but does a little electricity damage and if I get a critical he does a little dance. Ther are a bunch of different mods for your weapons and secret ones like a knife that when you stab a zombie causes their head to explode, yippie. The only drawback to these hand to hand weapons is that they deteriorate and to alleviate this problem you must regularly visit work benches. That said I kill three zombies with my electric katana and it goes from 100% down to 10%, I don't know about you but there are some discrepancies I see in this. Luckily the firearms do not get destroyed at all, they require no regular maintenance, I don't see why they would I cant even use the ones I have.

Now that I've gotten the equipment out of the way let me tell you about the zombies. There are several different types of zombie. The walker, stereotypical zombies, it shambles and tries to kill you in a slow fashion. Not deadly by itself but four of them and you better watch your back. Next are infected, if you've seen the remake of dawn of the dead then yeah they are as fast as a Jamaican in the 100 meter dash. Annoying by itself deadly in numbers above one. Then thugs, who are slow and for the most part don't even acknowledge you exist till you get too close, then they slowly start walking toward you and then hit you with such a force that you go flying for about 10 feet and land on your ass, oh and you loose half your health. You usually only see one at at time and at the most two at a time. There are rams, who are big assholes who are as strong as thugs but they are fast and do not have full faculty of their arms because they are thankfully in straight jackets. They only come in singles and all you have to do is dodge their charge and hit them consecutively in the small of the back marked by a red bloody patch, they are more annoying than deadly. Next are floater, you know what they are so insignificant they don't even need mention, I mean the god damn things don't even try and hit you. Suiciders are quite annoying because the explode and kill you in one hit, you only see one at a time. Last but not least are my favorite, butchers, or as I like to call them Mr. Miyagi. He dodges your kicks and attacks and flails at you with his knife hands, so its pretty much wax off, wax on, and your dead, you only see these guys in singles.

Combat can be really easy or really difficult depending on what weapons you have which zombies you are fighting and how many zombies you are fighting. You have your standard melee attack with your hand to hand weapon, on top of that you can aim and chuck your weapon at a zombie which isn't really effective at all, but on top of that you have a secondary melee where you kick. Now with this kick you can knock a zombie down and cut or bludgeon it to death if the first kick wasn't enough and later in the game one normal kick won't be enough you can, jump kick, just jump then kick that will knock a zombie right on his ass, this only works on the first two zombies I mentioned, walkers and infected, the other ones it doesn't even phase them.

As for the environment, the island is huge, but devided into 5 different areas, so you cannot just wander to the final area in the beginning of the game. There are vehicles and I love them, zombies, for the most part cannot hurt you in them, you can just run over the bastards, even the big ones, not suiciders though they will still kill you with their uber explosion, the cars never, ever, ever, ever break down, they do get stuck from time to time though, and the damn things go just about