anywhere, I love vehicles in games.

The story line is so so, you never really find out where the zombies come from, and there are a couple of foreseeable twists. Also you are some how immune to the zombie virus which is never really fully addressed either. I won't go any further cause I'll spoil the game if you are actually interested in getting this travesty.

I went into this game with a preconceived notion of what a zombie is and how the apocalypse would go down. so I didn't really have good expectations from the get go. That aside, many of the games mechanics do make the game difficult as fuck to play by yourself. Like I said if you have buddies with this game, PLAY WITH THEM, playing by yourself, sure, you can still get through the game, it'll just be infinitely more annoying and difficult. I give it a 6.5 on the Nacho scale, It is a wonderful concept in some areas and just dreadful in others. Till there is a zombie apocalypse survival game based solely off of the Zombie Survival Guide, I think I'm just gonna avoid zombie games from now on, they promise so much but in the end drop the ball and botch the whole thing.