I hate going to get my hair cut because every so often I run into someone who thinks that their opinion on how my hair should look is way more important than mine. Mostly it's women, though I did once go to a supercuts or some such thing somewhere where a flamingly gay guy cut my hair, promptly ignoring everything I said I wanted, and then charged me $15.

So yesterday I go to this place near my house that I've used the last couple times. Lady asks me what I want. Thing about my hair is, what I want is nice and simple. Basically I want it pretty short so that it's out of the way and it can go the longest possible time without needing to be cut again (but not like buzzed cause that would look odd on me). So I say, I want you to leave an inch on top and use a 3 guard on the sides. In fact you can take an 8 (which is exactly an inch) to the whole thing and then just even out the front a little afterwards if that's easier.

So what does she do? She takes a 4 and does the sides (I can tell cause she's got all the guards neatly laid out on the table). Then she uses the scissors on to, leaving like an inch and a third and over an inch and a half in front. So it's got this odd look (to me at least) where it's short on the sides but way long on top and down into the front, I don't even really know how to describe it. Felt almost like an emo look instead of the short and neat look I like. So she's like how is that? And I'm like, shorter on the top and especially in the front, like 2/3 as long in the front. She proceeds to trim a tiny tiny bit off the front and nothing off the top and then asks again. By this point I'm getting a little frustrated. Shorter I say. She takes another 30 seconds to trim the front, though I would swear she was only pretending to cut that tine and didn't actually shorten a single hair. Then she proceeds to tell je that she thinks it looks good now.

I just want to yell, like, bitch, I'm not paying you for your opinion. I don't want my hair to look your husband's or that guy you like from that band or in the movie you watched last night (Spiderman 3?). I want it to look like my hair! But arguing with the person holding something sharp is probably a losing proposition. So I just paid and left. So now I'm either going to have to live with it (I think if I trim it a little in the front myself it'll look ok), or I'll have to pay someone else to fix it. Probably go the cheaper route.

I need to find like a barbershop or something with a man's man cutting hair that'll just do what I ask for, take the money and try to talk about football or something. Until earlier this year I went to a guy who had a little shop out behind his house, used to cut hair in the army. He charged $5, cut it just like I wanted and did all his work with clippers that had a vacuum cleaner hose duct taped to them so that you didn't get little hair clippings all down tour neck. Wish he was still there.