Wow. Just. Wow. That was EPIC! Speaking of Epic a big thank you to them and every one else who worked on the game for all of their hard work from me (particularly Karen Traviss and the main cast for adding such depth to it).

I nearly cried four times while playing it which i'm not ashamed to admit. Actually it was probably more than four... But let's not go into that. I don't think i could've taken much more. I'll just say that, while i wished it didn't happen, i think deep down it had to happen and i'm glad it happened the way it did. I hope that doesn't spoil it for anyone who reads this (not that anyone reads my stuff anymore). While i recover from the excellent campaign i'll be winding down with some nice, soothing multiplayer while hoping i'm not as bad at multiplayer as i remember.

When it first came out in 2003 (the cover version which i just found out thanks to a quick google/wiki) i didn't like the song Mad World. I think it beat a song i wanted to win to Number 1 in the UK Christmas Charts but i don't remember what song it was. Plus it wasn't very Christmasy. But, thanks to Gears, it's really grown on me, starting with the Gears 1 Trailer which was just chilling. I think it pretty much summed up the series.

On another note, have you seen the prices for some of the DLC? Not cool. Even though it's super cool stuff. Which i want. Dammit...

In summary: Thank you Gears. It was one hell of a ride and i'm glad we were Brothers to the End.