Yeah. I am definitly tired of Facebook making changes to the layout every other day! They even Changed the "pixels" of the photos you upload? I didn't know that was possible. But now any photo I upload looks over sharpened or discolored? I am really tired of it.
IMO It's worse to me than when rvb changed the Mod point system!!!
SO I am looking at new social networking options. Looking into Google+. Here's my first impression:
It looks nifty. However the greatest drawback to me is the lack of Business options. The thing I like most about facebook is the ability to create a page soley for my business. But it doesn't look like that is something that Google+ encourages.
Linkedin seems to be all about Business but the layout seems complicated and doesn't seem to have much personal emphasis.
Am I wrong? Any suggestions?
I am seriously at a loss.