Gears of war 3 came out yesterday, and I have beaten it. That said lets get down to the nitty gritty. Gears of War 3 is the final chapter in the Gears trilogy, and has been a long awaited one. Now after playing Gears 2 all those years ago, I had a preconceived notion of how Gears 3 would be, and thank god I was wrong. See, my biggest beef with the Gears franchise is that the multilayer was horribly unbalanced. The story was good but for prolonged enjoyment some kind of multilayer is needed. Then Gears 2 came out and changed...a little. See the multilayer got worse, way worse, but they also came out with horde mode. I had been waiting for a game to come out with a game type like this for a while. See you play horde with your friends but you don't play against the ass hat that runs strait to the boomshot at the beginning of every match. You play against a literal horde of computer enemies that get harder and harder with every wave. This makes you have to team up with the people you are playing in order to survive to the 50 wave, and believe me, it is a daunting task even with capable people. This made me play that form of multilayer but I still hated and ignored the player versus player multiplayer. Now when I heard last year Gears 3 was coming out May '11, I though, "that isn't going to fucking happen," because of certain theories about the game industry I do not wish to get into right now. Low and behold it did not come out May '11, but the beta for it did, and I, being the game consumer I am was invited to the beta because of my purchase of Bulletstorm, which wasn't half bad, but it digress. The beta was a multiplayer beta so my previous biases about Gears multiplayer made me very hesitant to play it, but let me tell you they took the shit they made and polished it to a golden sheen. Gears 3 multiplayer was unexpectedly done very well despite its predecessors. Everything was refined and let me tell you there is nothing more satisfying than bayonet charging and enemy. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed the beta, and was some what sad to see it end. Now that Gears 3 is out I can enjoy everything the game has to offer at my own leisure.

Now that that is out of the way lets get to the story preview. The story is pretty damn rich, in some areas, and vacant in others. Some moments in the story really can bring a tear to your eye, like when Cole Train is reminiscing about his Thrashball days, I very much liked that scene, it was heart rendering. But, and this is a big but, some scenes where you were supposed to feel sad and depressed totally missed the mark and you are just kinda, meh, about the whole scene you just watched. Needless to say there are plenty of memorable one liners, I don't remember how exactly it goes, Cole: "This is Cougars territory, baby, my town," Baird, "yeah, cause that counts for a lot right now." Or, Baird: "I suppose this is the point where I say that I always loved you, but I don't, I really don't." Life threatening situations is where Baird's sarcasm really shines. Other than that, new elements in the plot like the COG being all but disbanded, and the Lambent threat hiding behind every corner really help the game shine. This game is a macho game where if you enjoy movies like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, you should definitely play the game, you'd love it.

As for the multilayer, I haven't played it yet but I don't expect it to be a big change from the beta. I haven't played the horde yet but I heard it got better with upgrades to your position like deployable barriers and turrets. Beast mode is where its at. In Beast mode you play as the Locust and your objective is to kill all the humans in an area before time runs out and a hammer of dawn laser melts your face. You mostly fight random stranded but there are COG heroes, which are the main characters of the game that are tougher to kill. Now I said you play as the locust, and I know your thinking, all of them? Pretty much, you can play a lowly ticker or wretch or you can be a Theron Guard or a Boomer. I personally favor the wretch running around and jumping on people like Yoda is pretty fun. Now all the different locust have their strengths and weaknesses. As a wretch I can shout out this scream that stuns all nearby enemies but one shot and I'm dead. Also the locust do not regenerate health, which is annoying but I can see how that levels the playing field and makes the game a little bit more challenging. Now you cant just be a Kantus or a Grinder from the begging, you have to work your way up through a credit system where you get money for your kills then you purchase what Locust you are going to play as and you compile cash as you go through waves. One annoying thing is there are those deployable barriers and turrets the COG gets in horde, well you don't get those the stranded get them and they can be really annoying especially because they are everywhere, so you have to play relatively smart.

All In all, Gears 3 is a solid game and I give it a 9 on the Nacho scale. The story behind the Locust and Lambent and Fenix's dad is finally explained, and the multiplayer options are large and all enjoyable to some degree. These factors amount up to a really solid game.

Other than Gears 3 Lonesome road for Fallout New Vegas finally came out, after being postponed since July. I've been busy with Gears 3 so I haven't played it yet but I have high hopes seeing how a lot of unanswered questions are finally going to be answered. I have also started reading a lot because I'm back at school and I have lots of time on campus to destroy. I'm currently reading Reality is Broken: Why Game Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World, by Jane McGonigal. This book is about why we gamers play video games and how games can be used to improve our lives and society. I usually do not read books like this and I'd expect most of you wouldn't be interested either but this is a damn good book, so you should definitely give it a look