Battlefield 3 beta starts on the 29th, but since I'm awesome and purchased Medal of Honor, I got a pass to start playing it yesterday. That said, battlefield 3 is fucking awesome. I love everything about the game so far, there is a new system to unlock weapons and mods for the weapons like grips, m203 grenade launchers, acog scopes, etc.. The new system is reminiscent of medal of honor, it looks almost the same and has the same kind of upgrades. This is not displeasing, as having played medal of honor extensively online, I loved it, Dice did a damn good job with that. It's almost like the BF BC2 and other Battlefield games, it plays relatively the same with some slight tweaks to the game play.

There is sniper sway, like in MW and other games, the scope is no longer just still, but it doesn't bob everywhere like MW it is very slight and, from what I understand you can't hold your breath, so you snipers are just gonna have to deal with it. Also, snipers are not one shot weapons anymore, at least the ones I've had to use aren't like the SVD and M110, which are semi auto weapons. Maybe the bolt action rifles do more damage but I've only been the victim of them and not the user, so I cannot make an accurate opinion on them. You can go prone now, I know this sounds horrible but it really isn't. Its more of a "get the hell out of the way and not die" strategy and less of "I'm a damn Call of Duty whore and I need to camp" strategy. The mods on the weapons can help and hinder you. If you decide to use a laser sight on your gun, I'm gonna see it on the wall and if you point it straight at my and I just happen to be looking in your general direction, I'm gonna see a big bright red smudge on my screen and that is your dumb ass, and I shoot you, and you die. Knifing is better, it is no longer a one hit kill per say, if you do not get behind a person and you have to hold the button you won't get an instant kill you'll have to slash at them 3-4 times, and you don't just put your knife away, afterward it stays out like an equipped weapon so you have to manually change back to your main weapon. One good mod is if you have a sniper rifle or a LMG you can put a by pod on it and set up your gun literally everywhere by just aiming, this makes your gun super accurate but also a target cause now your are mowing down people it is easier to find you. Building still get destroyed, I was outside on the defending team and watching the objective when a teammate off to my left unloaded an RPG7 on the building across the road. The entire first and second story wall of the corner of the building disappeared in a loud fireball and dust cloud, thus exposing stupid snipers who are now easier to kill. There are "mobile respawn points" these points are placed half way between your spawn and the objective, which is nice because running all the way from the original spawn to the objective only to get obliterated is really frustrating. Whats really nice about them is that they are really easy to miss, one time I spawned on one behind an enemy, who was shooting my team in the back, so I knifed his ass. They also don't always show up in the same spots I think I've only played a dozen or two rounds and they all don't seem to stay in the same places. Now last but not least and quite possibly my most favorite aspect of the game is that those faggot snipers cannot hide as easy. What I mean by that is, have you ever played Metal Gear Solid Snake eater? Do you remember the boss battle with the crazy old sniper, where you had to crawl everywhere and look for his scope glint, then subsequently shoot and kill him. Yeah they put the scope glare in the game, evertime a sniper looks through his scope a beautiful glare pops up for all to see even if he isn't really looking at you. Its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

The map metro something or other isn't a real good map to showcase this game on, it's pretty good though. The beta is only rush mode and normal, not hardcore (only sissies play on normal), but I could see this map on as a conquest map. There are two ends one is a park, the other is a street corner of some kind the bulk of the middle of the map is in metro tunnels, which have numerous paths and rooms, two out of the 4 rush positions are down there. It is really in depth too, like the ticket counters you can only get through one way unless you break the glass doors. Parts of the walls and other parts of the environment dissolve when shot or exploded by grenades. One of the MCOM stations is in a bathroom where you can destroy the sinks and bathroom stalls, which you see a lot, because many a grenade will be tossed in there. the begining of the metro tunnels is a crater where some explosives go off after the first rush positions are destroyed, revealing subway tunnels. You descend into these under construction and finished tunnels to look for the MCOM stations to destroy. There are civilian paths and maintenance access paths to follow which can be used to easily flank enemies if pinned down in another tunnel. The beginning of the map has you located in a corner of a large park, with trees and grass, a huge lake, bridges, boulders, and even a play ground. This area is a snipers delight if you don't keep your head down. I is usually easy to out flank the other team, because there are numerous approaches to the MCOM stations. A lot of assholes like to hide in the back of the defenders spawn and shoot them in the back but they usually don't go far enough back so that I can spawn at the initial spawn point and thus shoot them in the back. The last area is, like I said, essentially a street corner, there are two apartment buildings on each side of the metro exit, with a little plaza in between. Further down there is a city street and across the street an office building where the defenders spawn. This map is large but very linear, like most rush maps, but it can definitely be adapted for conquest