Last weekend, on the fateful day of Saturday the 24th of September, the Melbourne Street Team had their second gathering.

Linh, Sean, Kim, Daniel, Kesket and myself went to the Royal Melbourne Show for the afternoon.

After finding our way through the crowds, we set up the brilliant RTOZ banners (three of them, not two... ner ner, Sydney! smiley8.gif ), and it was Red vs Blue:

I got a little too friendly with the picture of Joel..

And then Sean joined in.. *touch*

Daniel set out to pat a chicken, and so it was done:

I made friends with a beautiful little lamb (and went more ga-ga over it than most of the children there):

Many rides were ridden, including the Gravitron - you know, that ride where you stand inside, the whole thing spins around, and you start to fuse with the padded walls - and none of us puked:

All in all, a fabulously fun day! Most of us hadn't been to the Show in years, so we had a wonderful time. Linh brought an awesome cake for Sean's birthday (which was Tuesday the 27th). We also got plenty of video footage, which should hopefully get put together fairly soon.

I was so excited to see my RT friends again, although we wished everyone else could be there too. I can't wait to see y'all at RTOZ! smiley13.gif

smiley9.gifThe rest of the photos are right here! smiley9.gif


Oh, and one more thing...